What is a Tomatillo?



Tomatillos are known by some as the Mexican husk tomato because it favors a green tomato in appearance and taste. Tomatillos have a vibrant green outside skin and are covered in a thin husk.  On the inside the flavor is tart and fresh. Tomatillos can be used in many different recipes but a few of my favorites include salsa verde and roasted tomatillos.

First things first, before you use your tomatillo you must remove the outside husk and rinse it well.  Then take a knife and cut the stem out.  When you are roasting them, pop them in a 400F oven for about 15 minutes.  Once they are an army green color you will know they are ready.  Your roasted tomatillo would pair great with baked chicken or grilled steak as a flavor pop of freshness.

The other way I LOVE cooking with my tomatillos is in Salsa Verde!!! For my salsa verde, I chop up my tomatillo in my food processor.  Then I add a clove of garlic, salt and pepper, fresh cilantro & a sweet onion.  Ya'll, grab a bag of chips and this is the most delicious snack or side to your Mexican night.  

When storing your tomatillos, store them in your refrigerator with the husk on for weeks.  I hope these tips help you enjoy tomatillos as much as we do at Front Door Produce.  Get your box today by visiting www.frontdoorproduce.com.