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Front Door Produce

TEST County GA

TEST County GA

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  • Front Door Produce Box is a 20 - pound box of FRESH produce shipped directly from farms in Georgia.

Why a FRONT DOOR PRODUCE BOX for a fundraiser?

  • A gift box of healthy fruit, produced locally.
  • No cooking or concession stands required - just sales & delivery date!

How does a FRONT DOOR FUNDRAISER program work?

  • A school or organization signs up with Front Door Produce
    • Front Door Produce works with your organization on timeline, selection of produce included in the box and a delivery date.
    • Front Door Produce provides custom website for billing, including QR codes for immediate purchase.  Front Door can help with marketing materials.
  • At order cutoff set by school (typically one week prior to ship date), the delivery is confirmed.
  • Once delivered, FRONT DOOR PRODUCE sends net proceeds per box sold back to your program.

What does your school or organization receive?

  • FRONT DOOR PRODUCE has a tiered program by units sold.
  • Students sell the vegetable boxes for $30 and their organization/team keeps $10

We would love to hear from you.

  • 229-947-0453 Brad Hunter, owner
  • 229-821-0032 Brad Mathis, owner


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frequently asked questions from our customers

We hope this will answer any questions you have, but if it doesn't , reach out to us.

What vegetables are in the box?

Our boxes feature vegetables that are being harvested at our farm in south Georgia.

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in south Georgia. All of our produce is grown and packed in the United States.

How much product comes in each box?

You will receive approximately 20 pounds of farm fresh produce in your box during each delivery cycle.